Translation Notary

If you want to have your document translated and the translation notarized, you must read this carefully.

First of all, the notary doesn't do the translation but we can find a professional translator for you if you really need one. Therefore, you will have to pay the extra money for the translation to the translator, and the fee will be decided on a case-by-case base. If you need this service, please email your document in advance. We will reply you the exact charge ASAP. Actually, you can also ask your friend who knows Chinese to do the translation and also ask him/her to sign in the presence of our notary. The person who does the translation doesn't necessarily have to be the one who sign in our office, but both of them must know the translation language and the original language.

Secondly, before we notarize the translation, we have to verify the original. Therefore you might have to provide other documents as evidence or we might have to check it with the company or office who issues that original document. Sometimes, we will have to charge you extra fee(NTD 500) for the verification process if we have to complete the verification out of our office. If the original can't be verified, we will put a note on it stating that  the notary has no responsibility to the attached document. If the original document is issued by foreign government or the signatory isn't in Taiwan, please make the original attested in an ROC office, consulate or embassy in that foreign country. Then we can skip the verification process.

Finally, the notary fee is NTD 750(not including the verification charge and translation fee) which is decided by the Notarization Act. Hence, neither discount nor extra charge is allowed.