Minquan Notary Public Office, Taipei District Court

【Getting here】

Minquan Notary Public Office is located at Exit 9 of MRT Minquan W. Rd. Station, which is the intersection of Tamsui Line (Red line) and Xin-Lu Line (Orange line). It’s also convenient to drive here along the Zhongshan N. Rd. or Chengde Rd. and park in Tianxiang Rd.. There are also several bus stops in front of our office.

【Service Hour】

Mon.~Fri.  9:30-13:00 . 14:00-18:00
It’s also welcome to make an appointment, by phone call or email, beyond the hours above.

【Our Partner Notaries】

Miss Chang, Chih-Ho (Bachelor of Law, Soochow University)

Graduated from one of the top 4 Law schools, Miss Chang has received the 5-year intensive legal training from the School of Law, Soochow University, which is one of the few law schools providing complete common law courses. She is definitely equipped the extensive knowledge to attest English agreements and any other legal documents.

Mr. Lee, Kun-Lin (Master of Law, National Taiwan University)

Mr. Lee has a BA degree awarded by the Department of Foreign Language and Literature and a MA degree from the College of Law. In NTU, he not only acquired excellent English literature training as an undergraduate but completed a graduation thesis on digital copyright to get the MA degree.

We have two notaries, both of whom have passed the Senior Professional Examination for Notaries administered by the Examination Yuan and acquired professional licenses issued by the Judicial Yuan. Furthermore, certified to have Level 1 (the best) English proficiency by  the Judicial Yuan, Miss Chang and Mr. Lee are both eligible to issue notary documents in English and attest  English legal documents and their Chinese translation. Miss Chang is even qualified and authorized to do Japanese notarization. Having completed the New Admittees Training Program and four-month intern training in Taipei District Court, we are surely competent Notaries to certify your documents for use in all jurisdiction, acting as a bridge to other legal system.

We notarize the documents including but not limited to:
1. Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Consent and Depositions
2. Commercial, Corporate documents
3. Certificates of Incorporation
4. Certified Translations from English into Chinese or from Chinese into English or another language
5. Educational Certificates, Diplomas, or Degrees
6. Marriage Certificates
7. Death Certificates
8. Birth Certificates
9. Divorce Certificates
10.Certificates of Single Status(Affidavit to Single Status)
11.Household Certificates
12.Criminal Record Certificate
13.Power of attorney

While we might not be able to certify the trueness of the foreign legal documents, we can still witness the signature on it with the presence of the signatory. Most important of all, no matter what documents you need for our certification, be sure to bring your passport, ARC, or APRC. It would save your time if you email or fax the document you want to notarize to us before you come, because we can tell you what else documents or identifications you should bring to complete this notary process.

【Notary Fee】

Generally,the notary fee is 750NTD for one document, which isn't made in Chinese language, and we can issue a maximum of 5 copies to you without extra charge. However, if the document is to deal with any shifts of property rights, such as deeds, contracts or lease, please contact with us to confirm the fee. For detailed tariffs for survey, please visit the following website: http://scd.judicial.gov.tw/english/civil04.asp

【Contact us】
Address: 4F.-1, No.27, Minquan W. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City
TEL: 886-2-25960606
FAX: 886-2-25916262
EMAIL: minquan.notary@gmail.com